May 15, 2017

Woodland Walk in the Drizzle

By In Wallingford and South Oxfordshire
Damn stupid idea if you ask me. Dull morning, drizzle, cold (for May) but I throw the camera in the backpack, strap on the tripod and go for a short walk up the Ridgeway. Five hours later, with bunions-a-throbbing, I get home. Total tally for photographs? About 15. Tally for passable photos? 2. Although one of those is a 7 image panorama. Poor results for a Woodland Walk in the Drizzle.

Was fun though. From Wallingford , through the woods lining the A4130, over the Port Way and up the hill on the Ridgeway. Through Cart Gap (here drizzle turned to proper rain), over Swan’s Way and into Oaken Copse and Grim’s Ditch. A few shots here, finding my feet but stumbling (as I later discovered) with accurate focusing. The last remnants of bluebells line the path. On up Bachelor’s Hill and a right along the edge of Mongewell Woods and then into the woods proper. I wander around looking for ‘compositions’ but find little. Take a chance on a semi-clear space and go for that seven shot panorama. Then down the hill to Woodhouse Farm and Wicks Wood. A few shots here, poor and subsequently deleted, then take the wrong exit out and find myself heading to Poors Farm to the south rather than to Forest Row to the West.

Had to walk all the way to Hailey before doubling back and head to Cart Gap again. By now the straps on the backpack were beginning to pull on the shoulder, the rain became an irritant rather than a refreshing show of nature and the feet hurt. Cooked up a three-rasher bacon sandwich with a fried egg once I got home.

Woodland Walk in the Drizzle

Mongewell Woods

Seven shot panorama, in Mongewell Woods, South Oxfordshire. f/9 1/6sec ISO-640 47mm

Oaken Copse

Ridgeway path through Oaken Copse, South Oxfordshire. ISO-400 f/9 1 sec, 73mm

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