October 11, 2016

Wittenham Clumps Oxfordshire

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
Dawn at Wittenham Clumps Oxfordshire – my hoped for sunrise through a light mist failed to materialise. At one stage I thought the fog was lifting but as I shivered and listened to the dripping moisture on Castle Hill any hope of a magnificent sunrise was lost in a rising bank of fog.

I took a few shots. Nothing earth-shattering as it was windy too out on the top of the hill. The first batch of images required a high ISO initially. High ISO on my aging 7d really shows in the images with high levels of noise, which always annoys me. They wont be printed but look OK on the web. After faffing about on Castle Hill I moved over to Round Hill, by which time the sun was up high but still to burn off the fog. Less success here… the one shot of the bench seemed worth processing and some colourful foliage caught by the appearing sun.

All shots have been cropped to 16:9 format. Because I like them like that.

Photographs of Wittenham Clumps Oxfordshire with extra Autumnal Fog

“This famous landmark has been known by many names, from Berkshire Bubs, reflecting the fact that the Wittenham Clumps once fell within the county of Berkshire, to the slightly unusual Mother Dunch’s Buttocks, a name which refers to a lady of the Dunch family who owned Little Wittenham Manor in the 17th century. They are also known as the Sinodun Hills.” Earth Trust

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