June 16, 2017

Week 3 collaboration

By In Falmouth University MA
It is all about collaboration this week; form a group of three and construct a mini photo project between us. Joining up with Libby and Kirsty and me rather out of the loop travelling around Puglia, Italy we came up with : Time to think/contemplation.

We’re using ‘Coffee’ as our theme. To give it some type of group style we are going to photograph cups of coffee, from a low view point, with shallow dof, and a slow shutter speed to give the impression of the coffee being the quiet place in a busy world.

While on the road these are the images I came up with…

I had hoped to find a situation were I could blur moving people behind the coffee to meet the ‘calm’ in the ‘storm’ angle but the opportunity didn’t arrive.

There is a webinar sometime to show our collaborative efforts but being on the road I’m going to have to catch up later. Really excited to see what my team mates come up with (three photos each, I did one extra to give them a choice) and to see what the other teams produce.

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