June 21, 2017

Week 3 – More Coffee

By In Discussions, Falmouth University MA
Being in Italy meant near impossible to join in with the weeks webinar. Libby did a marvellous job explaining our coffee concept (the webinar was recorded) but the general thought was that ours was more collective rather than collaborative. But given the time pressures (everyone mentioned that!) and me being away I think we came up with a cracking set of 3 images each to form a selection of 9. Other comments were that they couldn’t actually see any coffee (mine did all have coffee in them as it happens) and the craziness that these were supposed to be a refuge from wasn’t really expressed.

My original idea was to be in a cafe overlooking a plaza or railway station or something similar with the people blurred as they moved through the longish exposure. How I would have accomplished that using a shallow depth of field I wasn’t sure. In the end I didn’t have the location nor the setup to complete that shot. But I am pleased with the images I submitted for Libby to select and manage.

This image, taken in the main square in Lecce, was to be my location for the long exposure shot. But the cafe was surrounded by bushes and there wasn’t any space for a tripod (The infamous ‘Roger’). The out of focus bokeh goes someway to impart a hectic feel (he says).

As I said to Libby via the courses message app “This was a totally new experience for me – collaborating or collective, however it is viewed. I think we did a grand job seeing the limitations.”

Coffee at Alvino Lecce

The tutor mentioned this clip from Three Colour Blue

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