June 6, 2017

Week 1 webinar: The global image

By In Discussions, Falmouth University MA
This week we are required to display and comment on three images under the ‘global image’ banner.

Image 1 – The Crowd

As detailed in The challenges of global photography this image indicates both the mass of humanity currently occupying this planet and the power of the instant transmission across the globe of the phone-snap and selfie.

Image 2 – Music

I don’t think there can be many cultures across the globe that have embraced music to one degree or another. Whether military music for a North Korean display of power, festival music in a South American mardi gras, teenagers singing along to the latest pop-hit at a festival or choral signing in a cathedral in Italy. Music is truly global.

Image 3 – Food

We all need to food to survive and one of the global challenges in the near future is how we are going to feed everyone. And no, I’m not going to eat a dung beetle either. (Which is a reference to a BBC program trailer I believe on how we need to eat insects to manage the food crises. A dung beetle has huge amounts of protein).

Celmentine Still Life

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