April 17, 2016

Waiting For The Light

dawn photo shoot at Wallingford Castle

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
I think everyone left the room totally in awe of David Norton’s presentation. David Noton gave a fantastic presentation at the RPS Travel Group gathering in Runnymede yesterday. I for one left the hall totally inspired, especially by the panoramas. What also struck me was his magical use of telephoto lenses for landscapes; how they compressed the landscape and emphasised the power of mountains, for example, over a church (in Iceland if memory serves). I realise my most basic of kit (an aging camera body I desperately need to upgrade, a decent(ish) zoom and a low quality wide angle) really don’t cut it.

Coincidentally a friend had lent me a huge Sigma zoom lens just the other day. I had struggled to use it during a walk on Friday but this morning, having seen ‘how’ to use it in a landscape context the results were a little more successful. Not all the photographs in the gallery below were taken using it, but my favourite shot of this session (the single tree trunk) was.

The thrust of David’s talk was about chasing and waiting for the light. While I’m not in a position to camp by the side of a river in wildest Canada for four days just waiting for that ‘moment’ I am blessed in having the Thames just a few minutes walk away and, as luck would have it, this morning was frosty and foggy. I should have ‘wait for the light’ tattooed somewhere. I’m not sure how long I was out but as the cold and damp got uncomfortable and I packed the tripod and everything away I thought I’d just wait a few more minutes to see what the sunlight would do. Basically it just melted the frost into my shoes and burnt off the fog. But I waited for a just a little longer. Then I took the picture of the single tree trunk.

Waiting For The Light – a photo shoot at Wallingford Castle, Oxfordshire

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