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Although it wasn’t strictly adhered too or enforced we were set two assignments during the Urban Walk. The assignments required producing an image to fulfil various criteria as a way to get us to ‘see’ with an artistic eye and look at things from different angles.

Assignment 1: Portraying Street Objects so they appear eye-catching with limited depth of field and/or unusual framing and angles

Assignment 2: a) portraying elements of urban decay, peeling plaster, crumbling brick walls etc. b) letters and numbers c) shadows and reflections d) blur and motion blur

We weren’t really blessed with any strong sunlight to produce shadows or any great distinction but the earlier rain had left a few puddles aiding in the reflections aspect. I also utilised a parked motorbikes wing mirror in one of the shots below. While I’m not sure a solitary leaf at the end of Brick Lane can be classified as a ‘street object’ but the no parking signs pole certainly is.

Interestingly there was no mention of black and white images during the workshop, perhaps such images are too ‘street’ as opposed to ‘urban’. The seemingly black and white image below hasn’t received any colour conversion. The grilled metal box had received a little spray paint recently.

Photo Gallery: Urban Eye Photography Part II


  1. Besotted with that first shot, truly besotted…

  2. Ryan says:

    I really have to say these are impressive. You always had a good eye, but these show it continues to improve. Well done.

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