October 5, 2012

Tree in Autumn Colours

By In Photo Manipulation

Was rather pleased with the tree image after post processing; now I’m not too sure. Can’t recall the actual steps in the ‘digital workflow’ but the image is an HDR comprised of three exposures. Then various tweaks and manipulations in photoshop with various topaz filters resulted in this. A final run through a topaz filter resulted in the second.

Now I rather like the effect of this second filter; it results in an ‘illustration’ straight out of one of my childhood story books but of course loses its status as a ‘photograph’ which may explain why one of my most supportive friends dislikes the effect. [Further examples on SpittoonExtra.]

The tree, the first signs of autumn illuminated by the early morning sun, grows next to the carpark for the Oxford University Boat Club on the Thames at Wallingford. Having just uploaded the photos I notice the branch to the right is blurred, showing signs of movement between the three exposures; something that should have been corrected in photomatrix…

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  1. Jeanne @ CookSister! October 6, 2012

    Hmmm… The second is definitely the magic Faraway Tree (!), straight out of a book from my childhood! The first reminds me of a painting from the hyperrealism school (i.e. a painting trying to look like a photo). You’ll have to show me your workflow and these magical Topaz filters one of these fine days. So do I know this most supportive of friends? I’m the jealous type, remember! ;o)


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