May 30, 2013

Testing the Nokia Lumia 720

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Its rather odd really. Today’s mobile phone come packed to the rafters with some of the finest camera optics known, 5 mega pixels, 8 mega pixels… the numbers keep increasing and yet, with this high technology we (and I count myself amongst them here) love slapping a filter or two on our ‘snaps’ to give an authentic retro feel.

One app I have gives the option to place a light-bleed on each picture. Another gives the option of applying various retro lenses and emulating long-discontinued film types. What these apps do though is ‘fun’. It is so quick to take a picture, slap on a suitable retro effect and upload it to share that they must have brought a resurgence of interesting in photography in general in their wake.

Obviously not as versatile as a full-blown SLR (the 720 gives images 480 x 800 pixels) but the images look great – especially on a 4.3 inch long screen.

Just before I jetted off to Jersey a Nokia Lumia 720 arrived and I was tasked with testing out its photographic abilities. Two weeks and it has to go back.

The Nokia 720 has a 6.7 megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. The apps I enjoy on my aging Iphone – oggl, vine and Camera SX – have not been transferred across to the Windows platform. But I did find Lomogram and downloaded it at the airport.

Tricky juggling an SLR, and iPhone and the Lumia during the three day photo workshop but I did snap a few images. I was suitably impressed with the size of the screen when used in landscape mode. Even after running through the app the colours are marvellously vibrant and punchy. Impressively so.

The gallery below shows photographs taken on the Lumia 720, run through Lomogram, and saved. More time would perhaps allow running them through lightroom and photoshop – those horizons could be straightened for example. But I thought I would use as the camera as most would. Photos taken and processed in camera…

Photo Gallery: Jersey Testing the Nokia Lumia 720

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  1. Jeanne @ Cooksister May 30, 2013

    Aaaah, the Instagram generation…! You know how little I like adding effects to my DSLR pics, but I do love the filter element of Instagram – also the immediacy (as opposed to hours of editing in Photoshop) – less than a minute from taking the photo to having it processed and up on the web. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and the camera is phenomenal for a phone camera, especially in low light. The lack of Windows versions of familiar apps is a disincentive for me, but I do love the camera… Love that “do not jump” photo!

    • andrew May 30, 2013

      Camera phone apps with all the effects keep the fun side of photography alive with me. Not sure I agree with you on the DSLR side of things. I see it as another way of releasing ones creative vision. After all, ever since the dawn of photography, images have been altered/manipulated to one degree or another.

      I didn’t explore the famed low light abilities of the Lumia; this was a landscape workshop afterall!

  2. […] quickly downloaded Lomogram to get his desired effects. Personally, I think the images look great. Andrew was impressed with the camera too, saying the ‘colours are marvelously vibrant’ even after running the photos through […]

  3. Rajkumar Murmu June 21, 2013

    In the third paragraph, you’ve mentioned “the 720 gives images 480 x 800 pixels”. Well you’ve mismatched it with the screen’s resolution. It is the resolution of the screen that’s 480p. The 6.7 MP snapper of the Lumia 720 shoots at resolutions that approximates to a bit less than 2400 x 3000 pixels (as this is the pixel count of 7.2 MP).

    At the ending note, I must say, the pics are really nice. Thumbs up.


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