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Perhaps now a cliché; photographs of hands holding wine glasses were the focus of a study displayed at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Brescia, Italy by the lovely Emily Troutman. This is my version. Eight images (funny how at the time you think you are taking many, many more than you actually return home with) of hands holding wine glasses. All these photographs were taken during the International Wine Travel Conference (iwinetc) held just last week in Perugia, Italy. Technically one of the glasses actually contains grappa…


  1. ryan says:

    Beautiful. Love the way the grappa reflects the room…

  2. andrew says:

    Thanks Ryan, perhaps not up to the level of Ms Troutman but I am quite pleased…

  3. Paola Tich says:

    Nice. I like the story in photo 7. The one-gloved taster. Sacrificing warmth to make notes on an iPhone.

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