August 21, 2016

Sunset at the River of Life Project Shillingford

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
Sunset at the River of Life Project Shillingford – A small collection of photos taken a week ago during the middle of a string of fine days and wonderful sunsets. The field in the first few pictures is a tiny part of the River of Life Project – a scheme to create a new landscape and habitats of wet woodland, reed beds, ponds and meadows. Its a large site, 50 hectares, which I really need to explore more.

The new habitats will include: wet woodland, fen, reedbed, ponds and scrapes, seasonally wet grassland and neutral meadow.
This will see approximately 50 hectares of Earth Trust land adjacent to the River Thames converted from species poor permanent pasture to habitats identified as being of high conservation value ie Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitats. The new habitats will include areas suitable for a wide range of wetland and woodland species, including water vole, otter, a variety of birds, invertebrates and amphibians. 

The new habitat area will link directly with an existing area that is internationally significant for wildlife: Little Wittenham Wood, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). It will provide a ‘buffer zone’ to Little Wittenham Wood and will mean there’s a continuous area of high quality wildlife habitat from the Thames basin up to the top of the Wittenham Clumps, covering 150ha. River of Life Project

Sunset at the River of Life Project Shillingford Oxfordshire

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