January 19, 2015

RPS Associateship Panel Rejects

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Amersham yesterday attending the RPS Thames Valley Advisory Day. This is the recommended first stage when applying for a Royal Photographic Society distinction; and highly beneficial it was too. With the Licentiateship under my belt the Associateship is the next obvious step,

The worse bit was the wait while other contenders – for Licentiateship and Associateship – had their panels displayed and commentated on by the three advisors. One poor chaps panel of macro shots of insects was decimated (in the nicest way possible), while a panel of stunning landscapes made the journey for another guy from Liverpool more than worthwhile. The problem with being in the audience is that you don’t get to see the printed panels up close; although the comments made by the judges/advisors was worthwhile and constructive.

Not so for the projected images. The screen is positioned so all can see the photos at a decent size; even from the back of the hall. This was how my contenders were shown.

I was more than ready to run from the room as nerves took hold; even more so after a long speech saying how high the failure rate is for projected submissions. The reasons for this are simple – not enough thought on the selection and order and not seeing the images projected beforehand. The heart sank, I’d not seen mine off a computer screen.

I had some reservations regarding the submission (all the photos are on a wine theme) and thought some similarity between three or four might count against me. And I was right, although the images I viewed as substandard draw gasps and nods from the audience and judges. My reaction? Stunned.

With plenty of ‘spares’ included on the disc suggestions on which to pick as replacements was easily made. A couple of others needed a slight crop but other than that the panel was highly praised. Without appearing big headed I was amazed at the reaction.

The photographs below are those removed from the panel, some are particular favourites! Three were from my original panel and three from the ‘extras’ that either didn’t fit the required ‘statement of intent’ or were too similar. All that is left now is to enrol for the actual Assessment and book a trip to RPS HQ in Bath.

Photo Gallery: RPS Associateship Panel Rejects

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  1. ryan January 20, 2015

    Lovely rejects!


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