February 2, 2014

Road Signs of Florence

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About as dull a collection of photos you could ever have the misfortune to stumble across on the web – a collection of street signs from Florence! Nerds-ville central. Until you realise that the Florentine version of Banksie has been at large! Such graffiti-adorned road signs I found scattered across the city; mainly in the tourist hot-spots but then I didn’t go much off-piste I have to admit.

I can find nothing online about these. I don’t know if they are officially sanctioned or the output from a local artist or what. I did have great fun spotting them while walking around Florence though. All were taken at different times of day, hence the street-light colour cast to some of them. A couple are not that great (the bird having a poop for example) being a bit blurred, but I’ve included them for completeness.

Photo Gallery: Road Signs of Florence

UPDATE: I have been informed, in no uncertain terms, that I am an idiot. Apparently I was told ‘1000x who the artist was!’. Clet Abraham it would seem. http://www.pinterest.com/thinkorange/clet-abraham/

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  1. Ryan February 4, 2014

    I really like these. Fun and playful. Thanks for taking the time to capture them.

    • andrew February 5, 2014

      They are great I have to agree; not sure I got all of them but it was fun spotting them!


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