May 18, 2016

Panorama of Ragusa Sicily

on a wine tour with Esplora

By In Sicily
Just settling back into the dull ol’ routine after a week touring Sicily with Esplora. Over a thousand photos to sort out and 40 million emails. I’ve ignored the emails and settled on processing a few photographs with this one, taken in Ragusam being the first. The stop at Ragusa was an impromptu quick visit to satisfy a group desire for cannoli. As it turned out my cannolo was huge, fetted as some of the best in Sicily; but I managed to consume only completely. I could have spent the whole day wandering around the town, but we had little more than half an hour. A few pictures of San Giorgio Cathedral, a couple of street shots and then a hot-foot back to the mini-bus where this sweep of one edge of the city was taken.

Having smashed the wide angle on the first night in Sicily (the auto focus now doesn’t work and there is a harsh grinding noise when zooming) I cracked off five shots to form this panorama. I rather like the result.

Panorama of Ragusa Sicily

Panorama of Ragusa Sicily

Panorama of Ragusa Sicily – five shot panorama f/8, ISO-200, 55mm, 1/250sec

In 1693 Ragusa was devastated by a huge earthquake, which killed some 5,000 inhabitants. Following this catastrophe the city was largely rebuilt, and many baroque buildings from this time remain in the city. Most of the population moved to a new settlement in the former district of Patro, calling this new municipality “Ragusa Superiore” (Upper Ragusa) and the ancient city “Ragusa Inferiore” (Lower Ragusa).

UPDATE: I’ve realised that I’m getting my Sicilian towns a little confused. The Cannoli were actually consumed in Piana degli Albanesi (home to descendants of fleeing Albanians) while the halt in Ragusa was for Gelato. I didn’t have any geleto, spending the short time taking photos and marvelling at all that baroque splendour.

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