June 22, 2017

The Project – First Steps

By In Falmouth University MA, The Project
The Project – the final aspect of the Falmouth Course. We have to start thinking and planning for it now. Following my visit to Salento last week my idea is best summed up via the email I have just sent out as a tentative enquiry –

Dear Francesco and Angela

Following the most excellent tour last week and, specifically, the regional promotional conference, I have come up with an idea – A Special Place.

As you know I have just started an MA in photography. The most important task is to come up with a portfolio of images by the end of the course. It requires combining all the elements discussed through the two years, extensive discussion with the course tutors and ensuring I am suitably challenged.

My idea is to capture those Salento residents that have returned or chosen to stay in the region within the field of gastronomy. At this stage I don’t know if it will be feasible or accepted by the university as my final project, but I was wondering if you would be able to assist if such a project does go ahead?

My idea at the moment is to take a specialist and place them in a ‘non-normal’ location. A location that would highlight other delights of the region that were mentioned during the conference. So for example there would be a fisherman and a fish in a cathedral or a baker and his cakes in a castle ruin or one of those stone workman’s huts we saw. A wine maker in one of those little cul-de-sacs (corta?) perhaps and an artisanal pasta maker on a harbour wall or in an olive grove.

Perhaps though, to continue the Special Place title, they could be placed in their own ‘special place’; somewhere that has meaning for them within the cultural landscape.

This assumes there are such people around who would be willing to participate of course. Which is where you come in with all your contacts.

Financially I was wondering if the various regional bodies would be willing to sponsor such an endeavour – at least partially?

I can see the final photographs being displayed in a local event or two (thinking black and white photos here) like the film we saw.

Apart from the financial costs and calling on you both hugely for help in organising such photo shoots the challenge for me is to take pictures of people (which I hardly ever do!) to take black and white images and then have them printed and organised into an exhibition! Something I have never done.

As I said above this is just a preliminary sounding out enquiry prior to announcing it as my choice for the final project. I do think however it would be a unique angle to promote the Salento region as discussed at the conference. I will fully understand if you do not think it has any potential, or do not wish to be involved. And am fully open to other ideas or challenges you think I haven’t considered to make it a potential ‘goer’.

Will be interesting to see what response I get and how this idea is received by the course tutors and other participants.

Images Used as Location Examples

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