June 28, 2017

The Project Alternative – Hidden Wine Spaces

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For several reasons I am looking in to an alternative final project. My initial idea, which I felt was pretty much fully formed and ready to go, appeared to several in lacking depth. More worrying is that my contacts in Italy haven’t replied to my emails. I wonder, too, if the idea was financially and logistically unattainable. This second idea, being much nearer to home, is more realistic on these criteria.

Its a simple idea – photographing the ‘hidden’ wine cellars of the Oxford Collages. As my fellow student Libby stated:

“I like the Oxford College Wines cellar idea very much! I love the idea of showing something hidden – and each college must have stories, rituals and symbols that could be incorporated in some way?”

Hidden Wine Spaces is the working title.

“The University of Oxford has 38 Colleges and six Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) of religious foundation. Colleges and PPHs are autonomous self-governing corporations within the university, and all teaching staff and students studying for a degree at the university must belong to one of the colleges or PPHs.” Wikipedia

“The oldest of Oxford’s colleges are University College, Balliol, and Merton, established between 1249 and 1264, although there is some dispute over the exact order and precisely when each began teaching. The fourth oldest college is Exeter, which was founded in 1314 and the fifth is Oriel, which was founded in 1326. The most recent new foundation is Kellogg College, founded in 1990, while the most recent overall is Green Templeton College, 2008 (the result of a merger of two existing colleges).”

List of Oxford Collages and date of foundation
All Souls College 1438
Balliol College 1263
Brasenose College 1509
Christ Church 1546
Corpus Christi College 1517
Exeter College 1314
Green Templeton College 2008
Harris Manchester College 1786
Hertford College 1282
Jesus College 1571
Keble College 1870
Kellogg College 1990
Lady Margaret Hall 1878
Newnham College
Linacre College 1962
Lincoln College 1427
Magdalen College 1458
Mansfield College 1886 college: 1995
Merton College 1264
New College 1379
Nuffield College 1937
Oriel College 1326
Pembroke College 1624
The Queen’s College 1341
Somerville College 1879
St Anne’s College 1879 College: 1952
St Antony’s College 1950 College: 1963
St Catherine’s College 1963
St Cross College 1965 (bursar – mailto:bursar@stx.ox.ac.uk)
St Edmund Hall 1226 College: 1957
St Hilda’s College 1893
St Hugh’s College 1886
St John’s College 1555
St Peter’s College 1929 College: 1961
Trinity College 1555
University College 1249
Wadham College 1610
Wolfson College 1966
Worcester College 1714

List of permanent private halls
Blackfriars 1221 Refounded: 1921 PPH 1994 Catholic (Dominican)
Campion Hall 1896 Catholic (Jesuit)
Regent’s Park College 1752 Moved to Oxford: 1927 Baptist
St Benet’s Hall 1897 Catholic (Benedictine)
St Stephen’s House 1876 PPH: 2003 Anglican
Wycliffe Hall 1877 Anglican

Interesting reads in relation to Oxford Collages and Wines:
From the Spectator September 2006 – Beneath Every Spire A Cellar
From the Oxford Mail June 2014 – College wants easier access to wine cellar
Some snaps of the Magdalen Cellar – Top Cellar
From the Independent February 1997 – Magdalen College window found in wine cellar

It seems that the individual collage BURSAR would be the one to contact regarding access.

From the photographs in the Top Cellar article I wonder if my vision of ‘cellars’ is not that close to reality? But at least it shows that through the ;tour; one collage at least is receptive to visitors.

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