June 30, 2016

Photos of Blenheim Palace

Gallery of Photographs taken during a photowalk June 2016

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
Refreshingly Blenheim Palace allows photography (without flash) throughout the estate for ‘non-professionals’. Not sure how they can define a pro from just walking through the door but perhaps a tripod, reflectors and so on would be an indication.

I could have done with my tripod while wandering around the house. I find it tricky to align ceilings correctly in the frame for example; but I’m guessing the stream of visitors precludes one (although I didn’t ask). Out in the gardens and down by the cascade things were a little easier. My thought on the ride out from Oxford to Blenheim was how to take photographs of a place that is so well photographed, to find something unique and interesting that stands out from the tourist ‘snap’ and, at the same time, encapsulate the grandeur and scale of the place… this little photo gallery is the result. Could have spent several more hours wandering around – we didn’t get to Pleasure Gardens and its maze, nor did we see one half of the house. And the Upstairs/Downstairs tour wasn’t available on the day of our visit either. For we had a booking in the Orangery for a champagne afternoon tea.

Of all the shots I took during the photowalk these 28 photos of Blenheim Palace are the pick of the memory card. The two favourites of mine I’ve marked with an asterisk.

Photos of Blenheim Palace

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