January 2, 2013

Path through the Trees

By In Photo Manipulation, Wednesday Photo Shot
Saw a photo somewhere were the author had mirrored an image, added various filters and drenched it in a red filter of some sort…. can’t find the link now though sadly. But the idea – of mirroring and filtering – led to this image. A cycle ride to gawp at the floods at Shillingford resulted in few usable shots. None actually as the weather was so dull and miserable I wasn’t inspired. But I did snap a picture of an edge of a field.

By itself the photo wasn’t anything at all, (I’ve included it below) but I took it with the intention of mirroring it and applying various filter effects. A little cloning also removed obvious patterns in the mud and grass. While a final duplicate layer at a low opacity allowed just a hint of colour through. The bird silhouette was added as an afterthought.

Path through the Trees is this weeks Wednesday Photo spot.

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