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More photographs from the weekends circular cycle trip (Wallingford-Cholsey-Aston Tirrold-South Moreton-Wallingford). All of these are HDR images processed by Photomatrix Pro each from three exposures. A further tweak in Topaz Adjust has also been applied.

Not totally convinced some of these actually needed to be HDR when a graduated filter over the sky portion might have produced usable results. The set of three grad-filters I own are even more under-utilised than the polarizer filters!


  1. LOVE that first tree and the edge of the field – the wide angle really works. They look quite natural for HDR, which I usually find looks slightly unsettling (!)

  2. andrew says:

    Some HDR shots can be so OTT to be, as you say, unsettling. Effort made here to retain some realism. I’ll do a post soon, perhaps, on the differing default effects photomatrix can produce. Some are very, ummm, ‘dramatic’.

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