January 30, 2013

Oxford Panorama

By In Wednesday Photo Shot
Have I got too many cameras? I have my main SLR, a Canon 7D, of course. Then there is the camera on my HTC mobile, which I seldom use, the camera on my IPHONE which I use for Instagramming and playing with various photo aps, and the camera on my Samsung Tablet, which gets a use occasionally. Now I have the Samsung NX1000… a four-thirds camera, which because it isn’t quite pocket-sized, n=might not get used quite as often as it should.

A trip to Oxford a week or so back and the NX1000 came with me. Shopping occupied the mind while in the covered market but while waiting for the return bus a stroll in one of the parks, under some lovely sunshine, saw a brief outing. The NX1000 has a built in panorama mode; this is one of the shots. It isn’t perfect, there are some areas of ghosting where two pictures are combined, but its not too shoddy.

Todays Wednesday Photo Shot is therefore a panorama shot in Oxford. To see the full-panorama you’ll need to click the pic.

Oxford Panorama

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