April 17, 2017

Out With the Samyung 14mm

By In Wallingford and South Oxfordshire
Finally managed to get out with the Samyung 14mm lens, kindly lent to me over the weekend. A hour or so wandering around in a drizzly, near deserted Wallingford. Very disappointed with the results.

The Samyung is a totally manual lens and I had a devil of a job getting the focus correct. I know I need new glasses an’ all; but even using the distance ring on the lens proved very problematic. So much so that this is the only image I returned with showing some reasonable sharpness. An image taken with a 14mm lens cropped to square format… go figure.

At present I have five lenses on my ‘potential purchase’ list. This Samyung was one of them. All I have to work with is the Canon 24-105mm L, the older version. A wide angle zoom, a telephoto zoom and a couple of fixed focal lengths, the 14mm Samyung being one of them. But I’ve deleted it from the list. I just didn’t get on with the manual focusing and some extreme blurriness in the corners of many of the shots. Is just an hour using a lens enough time for it to bed-in? Possibly not, but the two of us simply didn’t gel.

Out With the Samyung 14mm – Market Place Wallingford in the Rain

Out With the Samyung 14mm - Market Place Wallingford In The Rain

Out With the Samyung 14mm – Market Place Wallingford In The Rain

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  1. Caro April 17, 2017

    I just bought the 12-24mm Sigma Art Lens for Nikon and it is fantastic, I love it, I’m guessing from your post you have a Canon and this lens is made for Canon too…maybe worth trying…
    cheers Caro

    • Andrew Barrow April 17, 2017

      The Sigma Art 12-24 is the one I am after as it happens! Just a question of saving up for it… Yep, I’ve a Canon 5d IV.


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