November 26, 2012

On the Eylül Süper Ekspresi

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I didn’t get a very good seat. It certainly wasn’t Seat 61. Although by a ‘window’ the view was restricted by the carriage bulkhead giving just two little slithers of window on either side. Not that photography through grubby train carriage windows is particularly effective…

This is the Eylül Süper Ekspresi that runs twice a day from the port of Bandirma on the southern edge of the Sea of Marmara down to Izmir on the Aegean. With such a restricted view photographs during the journey are sparse, which is a shame as the countryside is very picturesque and alternates between rough hills and flat plains. Stops are quite frequent, some little more than ‘halts’ with disused water towers looming over dilapidated station buildings. The journey takes 6 or so hours, fine during daylight but drags a bit after sun down…

The journey might sound unexciting. Far from it. The Istanbul-Bandirma ferry was cancelled due to bad weather, necessitating a ferry to Bursa then a long taxi ride to Bandirma. The train was late and arrived well over an hour over scheduled time into Izmir.

The photos taken at Bandirma have been slightly de-saturated, just to add to the rather neglected ‘1970’s British Rail’ atmosphere.

Photo Gallery: Eylül Süper Ekspresi

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  1. Ryan November 26, 2012

    Well done, the desaturation does wonders for these.

    Just curious, the man on the corner: Through the window, or outside the train? Great capture. I want to write a novel on that one picture alone.

    • andrew November 26, 2012

      Glad you like them… the little old man is through the window.


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