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I can’t say I really took to Naples. Not that one really ‘experiences’ a city in less than 48 hours but what I did see didn’t really leave me with a longing to rush back. Don’t get me wrong the hotel, The Romeo, with a breakfast room on the 10th floor provided stunning views over the bay towards the volcano, was superb. As was the stroll around the streets with Robbin G and several die hard stragglers from the iwinetc. The meal at the tiny, authentic, Taverna do Re too was excellent, even to my tired and slightly jaded palate. But every street in the city seemed to offer a crumbling, abandoned chapel or an historical building encased in graffiti. Quite depressing. [To counter these the next post will show some Napali-glory via images taken in the glorious Gesù Nuovo]


  1. Ritchie says:

    Great pics from a very peculiar South Italy city.
    I burst into a loud laugh when I saw “Angeli, Michelangelo, Leonardo e….il Pisello” LOL ;-)

  2. Nice juxtaposition of the calendars…!! LOL! And I LOVE the first shot of the steps, and the old couple. The set reminds me of parts of Porto – decaying and abandoned and rather sad – but then as you say there is also the shinier flipside. Look forward to the next instalment!

  3. andrew says:

    I didn’t get quite the same sense of decay in Porto (perhaps it was because the sun was out!), nor the same level of rampant graffiti. I do detest such vandalism; there must be other outlets for their creative nature surely??

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