December 8, 2016

Minimalist Spaces Italian Style

photos taken in a converted old textile factory in Piedmont

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I fail to understand the reason for the penguins – the string of them between the two abandon mill buildings are sporting scarves; those inside one of the buildings were without. This rock and boulder strewn gorge on the edge of the large town of Biella in northern Piedmont is lined with old mills, great buildings that would make fantastic, if expensive, apartment blocks if they were in London.

I was in Beilla for a couple of days on a wine tour. Attendance at a formal tasting, held in one of these mills that had been partially converted to an exhibition space, was also required. In the few moments between lunch and the tasting opening I took a little wander around the open rooms and took a few shots. These have not been converted to black and white; this minimalist space just happened to photograph this way. I’ve included a couple of photos from outside the building to provide a sense of place. The weather over the whole weekend was very foggy and cold.

Photo Gallery: Minimalist Spaces Italian Style

UPDATE: I’ve been writing Mill, but I have a feeling the original function of these buildings were textile factories…

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