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I got a little carried away in creating these photos; took dozens of photos but had huge fun in doing so. The others on the Ocean Capture workshop took great humour in watching me chucking big handfuls of seaweed around in the process!

All the effects here are taken in camera. An exposure of a second gives enough time to pan the camera around; lots of experimentation – when to release the trigger, the speed of the ‘swing’ and when to catch the waves etc etc. Huge fun.

This little gallery comprises just six of the images taken during this session. Now all that remains is to experiment with a similar effect on land.

Photo Gallery: Minimalist Seascapes – Sun, Sky and Sea


  1. WOW! Just wow. I am besotted with these – very Turner-esque (and I am a sucker for a seascape…) May I please have number 4 blown up and framed for Christmas? ;o)

  2. Jane emery says:

    Wow Andrew I knew I should have joined you throwing the seaweed instead of waving frantically across my lens in the pier! These are brilliant, I love them.

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