June 23, 2017

Looking into Black and White

By In Contextural Research, Falmouth University MA
Some thoughts on the ‘project’. I am thinking black and white images. One of my ‘concerns’ is that I generally use long exposures for my interior shots. But how to keep people still within such a long exposure? Perhaps it doesn’t matter?

I stumbled upon this image by Cole Thompson. The image is of a homeless Romanian man, not sure where, but it is intentionally blurred as a way to remove the distracting people around the subject. The receding lines are very ‘me’ I think.

The second image is by Lucaberti, a picture of a fisherman in Latvia. This shows perhaps the ‘thing’ I am after.

Finally two images from photographer Tristan Campbell as part of a People in the Landscape series. I love the wide angle view capturing the landscape. And the format of the second is interesting. It also captures the landscape in addition to a feeling of movement from the wind. He used a dedicated panoramic camera (the Hasselblad XPan). Its a film camera. Perhaps I can stich a series of images together?

Linda Fraser on Montrose Beach

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