October 15, 2016

Intentional Camera Movement Photos from Oxford City Centre

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
The plan was formulated on the journey up to Oxford. A visit to the Ashmolean and take a photo of Turner’s High Street Oxford or maybe his Christchurch College painting and use a base colour from them to alter a photo of my own of the same scene. In the end I left the museum with postcards of the paintings. And during processing I settled on a deeper orange hue rather than the pale ochre colours.

Taking photographs of the same scenes as on the postcards was more problematic. Busses clogged the street outside Christchuch College and there is a lot more street furniture in the High Street than in Turners day. I couldn’t replicate the same angle on the High Street either.

Some international camera movement (ICM) was part of the plan too; having admired several photos from more talented photographers on twitter showcasing the effect. During the walk from the Ashmolean to the Botanic Gardens, photos were taken at the Hertford Bridge and the Bodleian Library before hitting the High Street.

Personally I like the Bridge one the best, especially with the figure on the left hands side. Not sure if these will be viewed as that good by anyone, bar myself but it was fun taking them and playing with the colours and effects in processing too. All three of these were taken handheld with a 6 stop filter and a little underexposure dialled in too.

Intentional Camera Movement Photos from Oxford City Centre

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