October 9, 2012

Flypaper Textures

By In Photo Manipulation

I stumbled upon a photo blog the other day that had long, rambling, posts covering adding textures to photos and altering photos to illustrations and so on. Shame the photos used and the resulting images were rubbish.

What the blog did have though was a link to a free photoshop plugin that allowed the easy implementation of textures over photos. There must be some tie-up between ‘Adobe Paper Texture’ and Flypaper textures as the plugin links directly to this retailer of textures. They seem a little expensive at $40 a set so I stuck with those that came free with the plugin (plus adding some more free ones found elsewhere).

Adding textures is something that I have always wanted to explore but never quite got round to it. It does change photographs to illustrations though which will annoy some, but if it aids in the feeling the photographer is trying to capture I’m all for their use.

More on this bunch of flowers tomorrow but here, using a simple texture overlay is my rendition both before and after applying a texture using Flypaper Textures.

Both images natural light, using 50mm f/1.4 lens, with 1 stop underexposed (for some reason?).

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  1. Jeanne @ CookSister! October 9, 2012

    Hmmm… I wouldn’t say annoyed, but no, not my cup of tea. Can see that it would have its uses though! Love the 1st natural flower shot – underexposing makes the colours really pop.

  2. andrew October 9, 2012

    more experimentation required I think; there are so many free textures available for a start. Interesting that flowers seem to receive the treatment quite often. I wonder if its to make a dull photo ‘better’.

    I’m wondering if a little less saturation and a soft focus might improve the images, both textured and natural?

  3. […] The texture is subtle; more a border really. The textures scratches I removed from the flower as a whole. Perhaps too subtle? Works better, me thinks, than the previous play with textures and a flower that used a photoshop plugin Fly Paper Textures. […]


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