January 21, 2013

Digital Art – Brightwell Barrow

By In Photo Manipulation
Filling a few free minutes with a photoshop play. The image that results I’ve picked as the new favicon for this site. The original photograph was taken with the new Samsung NX1000, cropped quite heavily, some distracting fences and branches removed and then a run through Nik Software Color Efex Pro. Finally a texture applied to give the bland sky a little life… oh, and a second visit to Color Efex Pro to add the border.

No longer a photograph really, more ‘digital art’. The original photograph (of the copse crowned Brightwell Barrow viewable for miles around Wallingford), the crop and the final image are in the gallery below. The texture, a vintage styled sky, is by Lenabem-Anna, whose flickr account offers many such textures. Brightwell Barrow is mentioned in the Doomsday Book…

Photogallery: Digital Art Brightwell Barrow

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