October 21, 2013

Clavell Tower Kimmeridge Bay

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A weekend spent in Swanage, exploring the coastline with Kathy from Ocean Capture. I am not convinced my efforts at black and white photography coupled with a long exposure, rank as highly as my fellow ‘students’, but here is my first offering an image of Clavell Tower Kimmeridge Bay. A mecca for photographers and fossil hunters alike. There was already a larger group of tripod-wielding photographers on the beach when we arrived.

This is a 2 second exposure looking across Kimmeridge Bay towards the Clavell Tower. The 4 second version of the same scene sadly suffered from a little camera shake – it was, as seems the norm when I venture on these escapades, incredibly windy. (As it was at Corbiere Lighthouse in Jersey!)

During the Ocean Capture workshops processing sessions, I caught glimpses of the black and white/long exposure photos from fellow photographers, Jane and Sina – stunning! As soon as they post them online I’ll add a link.

Clavell Tower Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Clavell Tower Above Kimmeridge Bay

Clavell Tower Kimmeridge Bay

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