December 28, 2011


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A strange start to a day, feeding chickens with coco-pop cereal doused with water. The chickens went crazy with pleasure and damn tricky to photograph. In the short time I had in their run I took well over a hundred photos; all bar these ones were rejected mainly because the little blighter’s moved quickly after a momentary pause. My reactions couldn’t keep up. Just as the trigger was pressed they moved; hence the need for so many attempts. I don’t think I have the patience to be a wild life photographer.

I should perhaps mention that these are my parents chickens. Each has been named so I will update the description once I’ve ascertained which one is which.

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  1. Jeanne @ CookSister! January 3, 2012

    Oh WOW!!! Chicken 4 and chicken 7 are utterly spectacular shots!! What lens were you using, pray tell?

    • andrew January 3, 2012

      Just the usual bog standard 18-135 canon…

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