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I have no recollection of how I processed this photo. It is basically black and white but there is a hint of colour here and there, most noticeable in the hull of the front-most boat. It was taken in Bordeaux in a little fishing village. On the horizon I believe it is raining. I would have liked to have spent more time here, just sort of dabbling about. Those oyster(?) poles are crying out for some arty, long exposure type shot and the clouds look quite dramatic. But as it was we had a scant few minutes before being ushered along for a wine tasting and a lively ‘white Bordeaux with food’ meal. It was all rather jolly and by the end of the evening I had totally forgotten the photographic potential I had missed.

Boats on the Water – this weeks Wednesday Photo

Boats on the Water - this weeks Wednesday Photo

“Boats on the Water” is a black and white conversion 40mm, ISO640, f/9 1/320sec.

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  1. Oooh – nice one! I do love that sky…

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