November 21, 2012

Balloons Over Cappadocia

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The full set of photographs from the amazing balloon flight over Cappadocia, central Turkey. A nervous run up to the day – would the wind die down sufficiently for the flight to go ahead? Would the cloud cover lessen to a least give us a view? Worries unfounded as it transpired; our flight (plus innumerable more) went ahead. The views over the wild, erosion sculptured landscape of Cappadocia were truly breath-taking. So much so that one wondered if the resulting photographs would do it justice.

Not the most ideal of locations to take photos from. Four people crammed rather tightly in each corner of the balloons basket with little room to swivel, let alone change a lens. Newly equipped with a Canon GPS unit stuck incongruously atop the 7D, height info was recorded in addition to the actual position.

Balloons Over Cappadocia – The flight forming part of a post Wine Conference trip to view the vineyards of this remote vine growing region. The conference itself was the Digital Wine Communicators Conference (Also known as European Wine Bloggers Conference) held in Izmir.

Photo Gallery: Balloons Over Cappadocia

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  1. Ryan November 21, 2012

    Some great shots. Personally this photo shoot has been very hard to edit. A mixture of bad light and so many things happening at once, I feel like i might have missed some opps. I love some of your “angle” shots looking at the balloons in new ways.

    Would love to know more about the editing, some push too far for my tastes, but I do the same from time to time. Dealing with the haze was hard.

    Also how did the GPS unit work? Is it worth investing in? Really impressed with the altitude data!

    • andrew November 21, 2012

      I must remember – less is more! A couple I admit are a little over done. I have more photos actually, including a panorama shot that works quite well but I always return thinking “is that all I took!” while at the time thinking I was being overly enthusiastic! Once I’ve been though the whole batch of EWBC shots I’ll look into doing a workflow post on these. Its actually quite simple…

      The GPS unit works perfectly. It is expensive for what it does, but a wonderful surprise in finding it recorded altitude; just perfect for these.

  2. Ryan November 22, 2012

    yeah, I felt the same. “Is that all I took…” and “why did I miss that obvious shot…” 🙂

    Looking forward to your future pics. Mine are slowly going up on Flickr

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