September 30, 2016

Autumn Leaves Macro Shots

By In Wallingford and South Oxfordshire
Autumn Leaves – three picked at random from out in the car park. Each selotaped to my little lightbox and snapped with my one and only lens. Then cropped and given a bit of a boost in photoshop. Took about an hour for the whole set from collecting the leaves to exporting from lightroom.

Autumn Leaves Macro Shots

Nothing terribly original as this post on PetaPixel was the inspiration; I think the photos there by Neven Krcmarek are superior. A couple of mine in the gallery above seem a little soft; which I put down to the lens (Canon 24-105 L) which many people are rather dismissive of rather than me being rubbish at manual focusing. As it is the only lens I currently own it’ll have to suffice.

All the photos in the gallery were taken at f/13, 105mm at ISO100.

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