April 27, 2016

Wallingford Castle Panorama

Spring time in South Oxfordshire

By In Wallingford and Oxfordshire
During the short wander around Wallingford’s Castle Gardens and Meadow for the photo challenge I stopped for a little panorama action; this is the result. The weather was rather dull and very overcast. The intention had been to convert to a black and white image but after a few adjustments in photoshop I rather liked the result. The colours say spring to me even if those heavy clouds do not. Black and White I think would have made the photo too ‘winter’ in feel.

For those who haven’t visited Wallingford there really isn’t that much remaining of the Castle. But the humps and mounds and the small amounts of walls that remain do have a charm of their own and, with all tress, rather picturesque.

Wallingford Castle Panorama

Wallingford Castle Panorama

Wallingford Castle Panorama a five shot image f/9, 1/160sec, ISO-200, 45mm

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